Why do you need a lawyer to handle your house sale or purchase?

There are so many reasons you need a lawyer to handle your house sale or purchase. Here are a few:

  • Lawyers make sure the Seller gets paid the purchase price.
  • Lawyers make sure the Buyer gets what they paid for. For example, lawyers make sure:
  • That the property is transferred to the Buyer;
  • There is nothing on the title that isn’t supposed to be there. For example, mortgages, liens, caveats; and
  • The house, garage, fence, etc. is where it is supposed to be on the lot.
  • Lawyers make sure that (if applicable) property taxes, utilities, and condo fees are paid.
  • Lawyers make sure that you are provided with the information that you need.
  • Lawyer can make binding promises to each other to make sure things are completed. For example, it may be a condition of your purchase that the seller will clean out the garage. The seller’s lawyer can promise to hold back money from the sale proceeds until such time as the garage is cleaned.

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