My #1 (and #2) piece of advice if you are considering buying a home

As Real Estate Lawyer, my # 1 piece of advice if you are considering buying or selling a home:

Choose experienced professionals that you are comfortable working with – this includes your realtor, mortgage representative and real estate lawyer.  They will help guide you through the process. Most stress and issues in the home ownership process comes from not having the right people working with you from the beginning.

And my #2 piece of advice:

If you have a question or are concerned about anything, ASK.  Lawyers offer a professional service.  We are here to serve you.  Our job is to make sure you that understand and are comfortable with your transaction. Our lawyer looks forward to answering your questions. Real Estate Law is all we do and we love talking about it!

Watch this video to hear top real estate professionals offer their tips about the home buying process.

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