The Basics Of Land Titles In Alberta

What Is The Land Titles System For?

Land titles and the Land Titles Office are just what they sound like – they are the system in which all land manages ownership. The system used in Alberta is based on the Torrens System, which gives the Government custody of all original titles. The government actually guarantees the accuracy of the titles through their various laws, protecting those who may suffer a loss due to a mistake on the title itself.

The system manages titles as well as surveys, which in turn provides a detailed breakdown and map of each property including its boundaries and all structures on it. Finding titles within the land titles system is possible using an online system or at the main office which is located in downtown Edmonton, but most owners rely on their Edmonton real estate lawyer to handle the process of locating, reviewing, and filing these documents on their behalf.

Land Ownership In Alberta

The Basics Of Land Titles In Alberta

The ownership of land in Alberta is based on the laws of England, modified over the years until it has reached the point it is today. Under this law, ownership of land is never considered absolute. Instead, ownership is done through owning an estate in fee simple. Your rights to your land are subject to restrictions in place by the government.

You may be the primary sole owner of land and property, or a joint owner. Upon death, property goes to heirs unless an agreement has been made prior regarding this. Land ownership is handled using one of three methods of transfer and tenure:

  • Private conveyance
  • Deeds Registration
  • The Torrens System

Talking to your Edmonton real estate lawyer is the best way to find information on existing titles and to handle the process of transferring property to or from your name, depending upon whether or not you are buying property in the area or selling it.

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