Tips On Choosing A Real Estate Lawyer

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Edmonton’s real estate market, you should think about finding the best real estate lawyer in Edmonton for your needs. A good real estate lawyer ensures an efficient safe, smooth transition when it comes to closing a home purchase, and this applies to both buyers and sellers. But how do you make sure you get a good lawyer who will get the job done for you? Here are a few tips.

Get Full Disclosure On Fees And Payments

Tips On Choosing A Real Estate Lawyer

A good real estate lawyer will be clear about fees. You don’t want to work with a lawyer who will have surprise charges, such as adding extra fees because they consider it a billable hour whenever you call and ask them a question. A lawyer should not keep you in the dark about what you can expect to pay and will give you a breakdown of fees. If disbursements are included in that total, that’s a good sign that you won’t have any fee surprises.


Look for a real estate lawyer who has been in business for a while. This is both a sign of expertise and, more importantly, success. A good legal practice will have been helping people with their home sales or purchases long enough to be familiar with standard cases and unforeseen circumstances alike, such as a errors that complicates a transaction. Get someone with the experience to handle the unexpected and not just standard matters..

Ask Questions

Take the time to think about and write down your concerns, then do not be afraid to call a real estate lawyer and ask questions. A lawyer who is not able to answer questions and explain the process to you is probably not a lawyer that you would want to work with. The best real estate lawyer for you in Edmonton is one you can work with harmoniously no matter what your situation may be.

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