What questions should you ask your Real Estate Lawyer?

Your lawyer will anticipate most of your questions and provide you with most of the information you need when you first start working with them.

There are at least 3 questions you should ask:

Fee – You should ask your lawyer:

  • What their legal fee is,
  • How the fee will be calculated,
  • When and what type of payment is accepted.
  • GIARDINO LAW charges FLAT FEES – this means we provide you the total cost at the beginning of your transaction. No hidden or surprise legal fees.

Communication – You should ask your lawyer who to contact if you have any questions and what the best way is to contact them.

  • Some prefer phone calls, some prefer emails, some will even text messages or have a client portal – your lawyer should tell you what they prefer.
  • You may not always deal with directly with the lawyer. Your point of contact may be their legal assistant.
  • Your lawyer should be able to answer your questions – don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Your lawyer may not be able to respond to you immediately – a lawyer usually deals with many clients and is often in meetings for large blocks of time. Please know that we have systems in place to get back to you and keep your transaction on track.
  • GIARDINO LAW welcomes all questions and comments by phone or email. Please contact us – we love talking about real estate law!

Timeline – You should ask your lawyer what the timeline of the process is.  For example when will they open your file, when do they need to receive certain information from you, when will they meet with you to sign the documents and what will you need to bring to this meeting.  Your lawyer will likely explain the timeline to you when you first start working together.

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