What’s The Difference Between A Home Buying Agent And A Real Estate Lawyer?

People who are thinking of buying or selling a home right now have a new set of considerations to keep in mind during these uncertain times. However, one thing that is certain for buyers and sellers is they get better results when they get help from experts. For real estate, that means working with a home buying agent and a lawyer for house purchase, such as a real estate lawyer. But how do those two roles differ from one another?

The Agent: Helping With The Property Hunt

What’s The Difference Between A Home Buying Agent And A Real Estate Lawyer?

A home buying agent is a person whose job is to “matchmake” people looking for residential properties with homes currently on sale that may be a good fit for them. This job involves having an awareness of the property market itself and being sensitive to the needs of clients looking for a home. Understanding the preferences and hopes of clients and introducing them to properties that match their criteria are the primary goals of a home buying agent.

Once the selection has been narrowed down and the client has a serious intention to buy a home, the agent liaises with either the property owner or the property owner’s agent. This is where agreements-in-principle are reached, and the client can take more concrete steps like signing contracts and making down payments on the mortgage.

The Real Estate Lawyer: Closing The Deal

The process of buying property is well established and standardised as it is a legal transaction. It isn’t like buying a new TV or a car. Property ownership involves legal registration in municipal records as well as a legally designated party for paying property tax. These titles of ownership and tax responsibility must now be transferred to the new owner.

This is where a lawyer for house purchase comes in. A real estate lawyer has the knowledge and experience to draft the documents required for transferring property title and ownership to someone else. A rigorous protocol must be observed for title transfers to be considered legitimate in the eyes of the municipal government. Working with a real estate lawyer helps you ensure that each document needed in the process is properly written and formatted. On the seller’s side, it also means that proper legal mechanisms have been put in motion to verify ownership and initiate the transfer to a new owner.

If you want to make sure that a home purchase goes smoothly and you are protected during the process, talk to a real estate lawyer once you’re ready to start signing papers.

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