Why do I need a Real Estate Lawyer to handle the closing of my home sale or purchase?

A Real Estate Lawyer handles the closing of your home sale or purchase.

The seller’s and buyer’s real estate lawyers lawyers will work with the real estate agent and mortgage lender to handle the transfer of the property ownership from the seller to the buyer, and the payment of the purchase price to the seller according to the terms of your purchase and sale contract. 

This usually includes making sure that:

  • The property title is transferred to you free of any financial encumbrances,
  • Municipal property taxes are current,
  • Condominium fees and home association fees are current.

The lawyer will prepare all of the documentation required to complete the closing process, meet with you in person to sign the paperwork, and explain the process to you as well as answer your questions.

Your lawyer will explain their role to you including what services they provide and don’t provide.  It is important to understand what services your lawyer will provide to you.  You may expect your lawyer to, for example, do a complete search of municipal permits related to your property but this may not be included in their service.

You can click here to read what is included in our closing services for your home purchase or your home sale.

Watch this video to hear me explain the lawyer’s role in the real estate transaction.

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