How do I order  a Real Property Report?

Start by searching for a reputable land surveyor in your local area. You can use search engines or online directories to find a list of surveyors near you.

Once you have a list of potential surveyors, review their credentials, experience, and customer reviews to ensure they are reliable and qualified for the job.

Consider your budget and timeline for obtaining the RPR. Some surveyors may offer different pricing options or turnaround times, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Contact the selected surveyors to discuss your requirements, including the specific details of the property and any additional services you may need, such as compliance reports or property boundary markings.

Request quotes from the surveyors you have shortlisted. They will provide you with an estimate of the cost and the expected timeline for completing the Real Property Report.

Compare the quotes and evaluate the surveyors based on their expertise, reputation, cost, and timeline. Choose the surveyor that meets your criteria and offers the best value for your needs.

Once you have selected a surveyor, proceed with hiring them for the job. Coordinate with them to schedule a convenient time for the property inspection and survey.

During the survey process, the land surveyor will visit the property to gather the necessary data and measurements. They will analyze the property’s boundaries, structures, and any encroachments.

After completing the survey, the land surveyor will prepare the Real Property Report, which includes an accurate depiction of the property’s boundaries, improvements, and other relevant details.

Once you receive the Real Property Report, review it carefully and ensure it meets your requirements. If any discrepancies or concerns arise, contact the surveyor to address them promptly.

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Updated on August 23, 2023