Who orders the Estoppel Certificate? When is it ordered? Who pays for it?

The Estoppel Certificate is ordered by the lawyer representing the seller. If we are assisting you with your property sale, our office will request the Estoppel Certificate from the property management company. The Estoppel Certificate is provided to our office within 10 days of making the request.

There is a fee for the Estoppel Certificate which is determined by the property management company and regulated by the condominium property law.  Rush fees may be applicable.

The cost of the Estoppel Certificate is the seller’s responsibility. Please note that there is a separate fee for the Estoppel Certificate, which is not included in our Flat Legal Fee. You can find detailed information about the fee in the “Closing Statement” document that you will sign during your Lawyer Signing Meeting. Additionally, you will receive a Client Report from our office once your transaction is closed, which will include the details of the fee.

In some cases, where the contract does not require the seller to provide an estoppel certificate (such as a foreclosure), the buyer’s lawyer will order the estoppel certificate and the buyer will be responsible for the cost of the estoppel certificate.   An estoppel certificate is required to close the transaction.

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Updated on August 23, 2023