What security measures are in place to protect the confidentiality of my documents during the remote signing process?

While online communications and various applications offer convenience and efficiency,  it’s important to be aware of potential vulnerabilities.  Cybersecurity threats such as hacking, phishing, and data breaches are prevalent, and they can compromise the confidentiality and integrity of our communications. Although we take every precaution to ensure the security of our systems, it is crucial for you to exercise caution when opening attachments or sharing sensitive information online. It is advisable to use strong passwords, keep software updated, and avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading files from unknown sources.

Our office uses the Zoom platform to complete our recorded video Lawyer Signing Meeting.  Please visit https://explore.zoom.us/en/trust/security/#:~:text=Zoom%20uses%20both%20asymmetric%20and,eavesdropped%20on%20or%20tampered%20with. for details about Zoom privacy and security.

Our office uses Clio for client information, document management, electronic signatures and communications.

Please visit https://www.clio.com/security/ for details about Clio privacy and security.

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Updated on August 21, 2023